The Second Album: Ultraviolet VoodooReviews

Ultraviole Voodoot Cover Ultraviole Voodoot Cover

The second album, Ultraviolet Voodoo, is a metaphysical combination of Rock riffs, Funk feel and Jazz writing with deep melodic and harmonic structure. It will appeal to very smart, creative people with multiple interests and influences. Each song mixes genres inside itself.

Our goal with this second album was to double down on the diversity of beats and time feels almost every song has two or three different types of drum beats; different types of time signatures key changes and they’re all in different keys. We wanted that so that there is a reason to listen to the whole album and that things would hopefully somehow tie together at some very high level of abstraction.

Additionally we tried to really make the feel of the chorus in the bridges in the song structure different than the starting and ending parts of the song we wanted to explore abstraction spaces that don’t really sound like they’re in a key and don’t really sound like they’re from a specific genre you will hear that especially in the song Mystic Train where there this is bridge and outro which is like the first bridge. Very spacey. Literally and figuratively. Follow the Radius. Same with the Bridge inside the Ultraviolet Voodoo. Chorus inside Suspended Animation and Bliss Rider have completely different time feel and low density open harmonic structure. Sort of the opposite of what you hear in most rock records these days.

We are collectively interested in this sense of mystery and amazement and how we can and incorporate that in the music and not have something that fits neatly into a single genre. We’re not about basic consumption and matching a genre as much as we are about exploring the boundaries between genres and widening the audiences’ perception by recalling old memories and driving new daydreams simultaneously.

The First Album: Cinematic

Cinematic Cover Cinematic Cover

The first album, Cinematic, is a mixture of elements of hard rock, jazz, funk, fusion with a cinematic bent. Instrumental tracks that have very different moods from brooding, mysterious, psychedelic, to party fun. Versatile yet interesting, intense, intellectual and heavy at times.