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Progressive Funk

Progressive funk, related to Jazz funk, is a musical genre that combines elements of rock, pop, jazz, ambient, with Funk. Progressive funk is a new genre that takes a focus on beats that are groove oriented from funk and allows for song arrangement changes in structure, timing, time signature, improvisation and incorporates other music styles. In a sense it is a fusion of styles ala “funk fusion”, but not necessarily settled on jazz. Progressive in terms of growing, evolving, new, modern, and increased complexity, and often dropping some of the old school rules: such as verse, chorus, bridge arrangements, or the use of background harmony vocals.


Some attributes of “Progressive” as a subgenre of other music styles: advanced caliber musicianship, unique time signatures, and often the avoidance of 2 and 4 as the typical snare beat accents in classical funk which is often a 4/4 time signature. Music that uses unusual rhythm shifts. Music, not necessarily structured songs, that include intricate or unusual instrumental soloing, often on instruments like drums and bass, which often don’t get solos in more traditional genres. Progressive includes instrumental as well as vocal music in general.

A progressive subgenre indicates evolution, and usually complexity when regarding music, so the notion of “Progressive Funk” is somewhat contradictory. Jazz funk is often progressive by nature but mostly with respect to jazz aspects. Certainly a related is the genre “jazz funk fusion", but if you subtract way the jazz requirement, then you get funk fusion, which is now closer to progressive funk. There have been many bands doing it for decades, as for Progressive Funk being a new subgenre term, George Clinton and P-Funk are the defining icons.

Key Artists

George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, P-Funk, Dennis Chambers, Steve Smith, Parliament-Funkadelic


Chris McGrew, Andy Irvine, Trip Wamsley, Rigs

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Example Bands in Progressive Funk

Ulu New York, New York, Mandrill, Slickaphonics , Vital Information

Radius Funk

Fusion band Live jam Guitars by Kev Minney,Bass Jason slope, Drums Ricardo bonito

Braintree by ulu

Jitterfried by ulu

The Grape by ulu

Dumpstaphunk "Dirty Word" Live at Jazz Fest 2013